Not quite a car and not quite a truck! A Ford Bronco is a unique vehicle that has been dazzling fans with its variety of models and capabilities since its initial launch. Broncos are known for the accessibility and reliability and would be a cherished gem in any garage. A Bronco can be enjoyed both on city and highway and can also hold its own off-road. The boxy frame is capable of handling rough terrain with ease and can be an enjoyable vehicle for the casual driver or experience vehicle enthusiast. That being said, with any vehicle, there are maintenance and repair issues to be mindful of. Vintage vehicles can often come with their own host of problems that must be watched carefully to avoid long-term or potentially catastrophic damage to the car. This list of the top 7 most common Bronco repair and maintenance issues are important for owners to be aware of.

1. Engine Stalls

the problem occurs at approx 23,000 miles in some 1986 models

– keep engine serviced to avoid problems

– maintain upkeep of scheduled oil changes

2. Oil Pressure Failure

low or no oil pressure when the vehicle starts

– occurs at approx 145,000 miles in some 1984 models

– keep engine serviced to avoid issues and potential engine failure

3. Throttle Acceleration Failure

– throttle will accelerate randomly

– occurs at approx 190,000 miles in some 1996 models

4. Ignition Failure

– ignition module prone to malfunction and may lead to trouble starting

– occurs at approx 105,000 miles in some 1986 models

– can cost up to $5,000 to repair

5. Failure to Start

engine unable to start or turn over

– potential to occur at 50,000+ 1970-1980 models

– service engine regularly

6. Total Transmission Failure

– potential to occur in all models, more common in 1990 models at approx 101,000 miles

– can cost around $1,500 to repair

– if not serviced as quickly as possible can lead to engine overheating or engine failure

7. Unable to Shift Properly

– the vehicle is unable to shift properly

– transmission shifts without being provoked, “slipping” transmission

– occurs most commonly in 1995 models

Top Problematic Years at a Glance




Worst Model Year in General: 1989

This list is not inclusive of all potential problems that might occur with your vehicle. It is also important to consider that the majority of these issues can be avoided entirely in getting your vehicle serviced regularly. Keep up with your oil changes and get your engine serviced as needed.

Don’t let this list fool you! Broncos are very much enjoyable vehicles that can go for miles if they are serviced properly.

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